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Introducing Twinkling Hearts

Thea started Twinkling Hearts in 2010, after making jewellery for herself for several years and realising that there is only so much jewellery that one person can make to wear themselves, so she sells her jewellery at craft fairs.

Based in Hampshire, Thea has been a member of the Wessex Guild of Craftsmen (WGC) since 2012. She takes part in WGC events throughout the year, as well as other craft fairs, which are listed on the Events area of the website.

“My bead and wirework jewellery currently focuses on wire weaving and wire-wrapping, which creates unique pieces – the wire often had a mind of its own and a finished item can differ tremendously from how it was originally envisioned! This makes pieces hard to replicate, but is highly enjoyable! I am, however, not limited to wire wrapping items, having also made jewellery using a variety of techniques, from simple stringing, to knitting and crocheting with wire and more.

“I hope that you enjoy looking through the gallery on this site, showing a small selection of the type of items that can be made for you. Feel free to contact Twinkling Hearts or find us at a craft fair if you would like to order some jewellery or discuss a custom item. Whether you are looking to buy yourself a little something as a treat, or for a particular occasion (such as a prom, wedding, party or birthday gift), I can consult with you to create a beautiful design for you.”

Twinkling Hearts is the trading name of Thea Hamlin.